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Our Clients

Green Wolf Gear provides bespoke design and manufacturing services for leading defence companies.


We were approached by Vallon GmbH - an internationally recognised manufacturer of metal detectors (mine detectors) for military use. Vallon required a desktop display model in 1/6th scale of its VMH3CS Detector.

Due to our vast knowledge of military equipment and how the detector was employed by the military, we took it upon ourselves to develop the 1/6th scale Improvised Explosive Device (IED) and present this to the client. Vallon was more than impressed with our product design and insisted that it be used along with the VMH3CS Detector scale model.

Lewis Machine and Tool

Lewis Machine and Tool (LMT) has and continues to be a world leader in to the production of high quality weapons for the US and UK military, law enforcement and government agencies. Supplying quality weapons in both 5.56mm and .308mm calibres, it was not long before their .308mm was adopted by the UK military to fill a capability gap in the infantry section. Renamed as the L129A1 for the UK military, it is now issued to the designated marksman with the infantry section and also to the No.2 (Spotter) within a sniper team. It was these two versions we recreated in 1/6th scale.

Dynamit Noble Defence

Dynamit Nobel Defence GmbH (DND) - an internationally recognised manufacturer of multipurpose infantry weapons designed to be effective against heavy and light armor, bunkers or other structures. Contracted by DND to provide them with an interactive desktop display model of their RGW 90 AS in 1/6th scale. We decided to create the impression of the launcher in the operating mode, and to include a model of the missile in flight.

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