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REF:GWG-003 (B)

DND developed the compact RGW 90 Anti Structure (AS) as a breaching device against the cover of bunkers, heavily fortified positions or urban structures.

The RGW 90 ASM has a two-stage... read more


  • Carrying Sling
  • Missile (can be removed)
  • Flip up battle sight
  • Rail adaptor (for additional sighting systems)
  • Foldable handles
  • Shoulder rest
  • Display stand

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The role of RGW 90 ASM in the British Army

The RGW 90-AS (Recoilless Grenade Weapon) was adopted by the British Army for use in Afghanistan and subsequently renamed The L1A2 ASM (Anti Structure Munition).

The RGW 90 Anti Structure (AS) was developed as a breaching device against the cover of bunkers, heavily fortified positions or urban structures.

The RGW 90 AS has a two-stage warhead which allows either to create a major breach in the protective cover or to unfold its full effect behind cover.

Like all DND shoulder launched weapons RGW 90-AS can be fired from confined spaces.

With its warhead design RGW 90-AS can also engage light armoured vehicles. The adaptation of night vision optics or aiming devices is possible.

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